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Jay moved to Nevada in 2001 and settled in the Damonte Ranch area of Reno. Shortly after, he opened up a freelance Graphic Design Studio and Sign Shop in Reno. After several years in South Reno, Jay and his family were looking for a change of pace. In 2005 they purchased a home in the Virginia City Highlands and became Storey County residents. In 2009 and again in 2011, Jay was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Jay's fight with cancer brought into focus the most important things in life: Family, friends, community, and the beautiful place he calls home.  Driven by his desire to give back to his community, Jay decided to run for the Board of Directors of the Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association in 2013.

As President, Jay took the opportunity to work on improving communications with the neighboring Highland Ranches POA and officials within Storey County. In addition to improving communication,  he worked towards better efficiencies with the way the Association manages the roads and their budget. These improvements have directly benefited the residents of the Virginia City Highlands. Over the last 9 years as President, Jay has been afforded the opportunity to interact with residents on a regular basis and address their concerns or issues within the Highlands. His eagerness to solve problems has made him a primary point of contact for all things Highlands.

Jay's first term as commissioner has been a whirlwind from the word go. The county has grown in so many ways and made huge strides towards transparency. In addition, we have moved on and completed several large capital improvement projects that have been sidelined for various reasons over the years. Some of these projects were necessities like the Gold Hill Sewer project and the water tanks in Virginia City, other projects like the new park in Mark Twain were not necessities but very much needed. Another major project Jay has been spearheading is to bring residential fiber internet to areas in the County that don't have true high speed internet options.


A few words from Jay...

As I enter my 9th year as President of the Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association, I am also running for re-election for the position of Storey County Commissioner. I've worked tirelessly in my first term to be a point of contact and a resource not only to my district but to all the districts within the County. As we continue to grow, our voice is extremely important to ensure the we grow and develop in a way that benefits the entire County and its residents. I will continue to keep this at the forefront when making decisions as your commissioner. 

As a third generation small business owner, I have always looked for ways to operate more efficiently and effectively. Those qualities have carried over into other avenues of my life including the operation of the Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association and as your Commissioner. I have taken a hands on approach to solving problems facing my community and live by the motto, actions speak louder than words.

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