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Commission Meeting Update (2 in 1): April 7 & 9, 2020


This week Storey County took a leap into the technology world with both feet. We held our two Commissioners meeting via ZOOM and they went off without a hitch ( unbelievably ). Everyone attended via ZOOM except for Chairman McBride and Clerk Stevens who were in the Courtroom running the meeting. Now that we have fiber internet at the Courthouse, I will definitely support the idea of streaming Commission meetings going forward. Until the "Shelter In Place" directive is lifted, all Commission meetings will be held using the ZOOM platform. If you wish to view and/or participate in future meetings, I will post the information needed to join the meeting via ZOOM. You can either call in from a traditional phone or with your computer ( video is optional ).


Emergency Management Director - Joe Curtis:

Currently there are 18 cases of COVID-19 in the Quad County area. Lyon County-6; Douglas County-9; Carson City-16; Storey County-0. There are 10 recovered in the Quad County. Storey County emergency response units are in good shape with masks, gloves and face shields. The Tesla warehouse is being utilized to receive shipments of ventilators and PPE.

Joe Curtis, also reported on the status of the COVID-19 virus in Storey County and the surrounding area:

- A Declaration of Emergency was enacted on March 17, 2020 for the County to deal with COVID-19.

- There are no reported cases in Storey County – thanks to citizens and business owners diligently striving to follow the Governor’s directives.

- “Stay Home for Nevada – Stay Home for Storey.”

-Storey County has a 5-stage Infectious Disease Plan in place, and currently stands at a Level 4 response. Level 5 would be response if there were active infectious disease cases in the County. The County is prepared for Level 5 if necessary.

-Storey County is a partner in the Quad-County Multi-County Assistance Group (MAC) along with Carson City, and Lyon and Douglas counties. 

-The Quad County partners have all developed similar emergency operations plans for response. They have formed the Quad-County EOC to manage COVID-19 in collaboration with Carson City Health & Human Services which oversees the four counties for emergency health matters. 

- Emergency Management (EM) is in daily contact with the County EOC group and department heads, as well as in contact with other agencies.

- EM has weekly contact with the State Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

- Tesla provided over 100,000 square-feet of storage and distribution space and offered tables, chairs, internet, electrical power, snacks for Nevada National Guard, and trucks to distribute incoming materials around northern Nevada. 

- Hospital-grade hand and surface sanitizer has been obtained for county personnel and offices. 

Virginia City Senior Center

Drive-through meals are still available. In addition, meal boxes are available for every senior citizen. Seniors who are uncomfortable or unable to leave their homes can contact the Senior Center to do their shopping. Seniors can also sign up to have “meals on wheels” delivered to their home. Contact the Senior Center at 847-0947. 

Mark Twain Community Center:

The MTCC is also doing food outreach by creating times for people to come pick up food boxes, while maintaining social distancing. 

St. Mary’s Art Center:

SMAC is conducting an art project for children in the community – “Art in Challenging Times.” This is a social quilt and culture project. Kids of all ages are encouraged to create a piece of artwork to share experiences and feelings of what they are going through at this time. St. Mary’s, along with Comstock Cemetery Foundation and volunteers, will take any artwork done on textile – or any form of cloth – and put it into a quilt. The quilt will be displayed at a later time. Information is available on St. Mary’s Art Center website or facebook page.

ACTION ITEMS - April 7, 2020

Approved Unanimously:

Policy 613, a new policy that allows for the paid leave provisions of Families First Coronavirus Response Act (HR 6201) passed by Congress and signed by the President on March 18, 2020.

Approved Unanimously:

Policy 065, a new policy that allows for the paid leave provisions of Families First Coronavirus Response Act (HR 6201) passed by Congress and signed by the President on March 18, 2020.

Approved Unanimously:

The following tentative budgets for submission to the Department of Taxation...

Water & Sewer, Storey County, Sheriff's Office

Approved Unanimously:

2nd reading of On-Sale Liquor License for the Café Del Rio, 394 S C St., Virginia City, NV 89440. Applicants are Sarah Burnet & Kimberly Moore.

Approved Unanimously:

Cabaret License for The Roasting House, 55 N C St., Virginia City, NV 89440.Applicants are Robert & Mandy Manyose.

Approved Unanimously:

2nd reading for General Business License for the Café Del Rio, 394 S C St., Virginia City, NV 89440. Applicants are Sarah Burnet and Kimberly Moore.

Approved Unanimously:

Six business license second readings:
Bank of America ATM, 
Buzzard Creek
Integrity Tennessee, Inc
Ipsen Construction LLC
Sierra Floor Covering, Inc.
CTA, Inc.

ACTION ITEMS - April 9, 2020

Approved Unanimously:

Special Use Permit 2020-012 to operate a two-room bed and breakfast inn within an existing residence in the R1 – Residential zone. The subject property is located at 120 N. Howard, Virginia City.

Approved Unanimously:

Map 2020-013 creating two parcels from one previously consolidated parcel. The property is located at 140 South Q Street, Virginia City.

Approved Unanimously:

First reading of Bill 115, Ordinance 20-304, text amendments to Storey County Code Title 17 Administrative Provisions to clarify and modify language, and align to NRS noticing requirements in section 17.03.050, 17.03.060, 17.03.070 and 17.03.080.

Approved Unanimously:

First Reading of Bill 116, Ordinance 20-305, text amendments to Storey County Code Title 17 Zoning adding, modifying, clarifying, elaborating upon, and consolidating land use and other terms and definitions in Chapter 17.10 Definitions and as those terms and definitions apply to and within all regulatory zones and all other provisions in the zoning ordinance. Terms include Animal Boarding and Grooming, Beekeeping, Crisis Care Facility, Equestrian Establishments, Veterinary Services and Wild Animal Keeping.

Approved Unanimously:

First Reading of Bill 117, Ordinance 20-306, text amendments to Storey County Code Title 17 Zoning Chapter 17.12 General Provisions adding, modifying and clarifying provision within the chapter including home enterprises, height of buildings and structures, accessory buildings and shipping containers, accessory dwellings, Comstock Historic District standards, setback encroachments, perimeter fencing, public utility uses, minimum lot area, off-street parking, open storage, general provisions for all zones including crisis care and wireless communications facilities, and property located within mapped FEMA floodplain.

Approved Unanimously:

First Reading of Bill 118, Ordinance 20-307, text amendments to Storey County Code Title 17 Zoning Districts CR Commercial-Residential; C Commercial; R1 Single-Family, R2 Multi-Family Residential; E Estate; F Forestry; A Agriculture; I1 Light Industrial and I2 Heavy Industrial; NR Natural Resources and SPR Special Planning Review zones. Continued to June 2, 2020.

Approved 2-1:

Resolution No. 20-568 to reduce on a day-to-day prorated basis the total rent/lease of all “non-essential” commercial tenants of properties owned by Storey County effective the day of Governor Sisolak’s Directive 003 (March 20, 2020) to remain closed, and for the rent reduction to remain effective until “non-essential” businesses may reopen to the public per the Governor, but not to exceed 60 calendar days from Directive 003

In closing, I hope everyone is managing ok and staying healthy. These are Historic times and one day, hopefully soon... we can all meet up once again in person. Please do what you can to support the business who are still open on C street, visit my C Street page to see what is open. If you have any questions, you know how to get a hold of me.


Jay Carmona

Your Storey County Commissioner

(775) 443-7699

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