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Commission Meeting Update: December 17, 2019

Updated: Feb 5, 2020


Before we get down to business, I wanted to invite everyone to the Christmas Concert at Pipers Opera House this coming Saturday December 21, 2019. The School Choir and Band will be performing at 5:30pm. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear these talented kids, you really should. Today’s Commission Meeting was a quick one at just over 35 minutes. The meeting kicked off with staff reports and then a few resolutions before concluding.

Staff Reports

Storey County Sheriffs Office:

Sheriff Antinoro stated there are 4 Christmas trees free for the taking at the jail, the trees were donated by the 601 in Virginia City. The Sheriff also stated that POOL/PACT is scheduled to audit the jail facility in January 2020. He stated that the Commissioners can get a tour of the facilities during the audit or they can schedule a private tour.


Operations Project Coordinator Northan reported that bids for the Divide project will be opened and reviewed this coming Thursday.


Louise Peña from the RSVP program in Lockwood complimented the new Lockwood Senior Center manager Beth for doing an outstanding job and implementing new programs at the center.

Community Chest:

Director Shoen stated that their Angel tree project was a success. He also stated that Holiday Food Boxes are available to needy families in the county. The boxes can be picked up at the old Community Chest building off Toll Road this Saturday from 11am-1pm.

All Things Water & Sewer:

Mike Nevin reported that the Gold Hill Sewer project received 3 bids by the December 6, 2019 due date. Those bids will be reviewed by the engineer and the team. Bids came in between $214k and $280k.

Fire Marshal:

Fire Marshal Azevedo reported construction on the Delta has been started again and that crews are working towards removing the existing external supports. Also, a fire at the Aqua Metals facility in the Industrial Park during the Thanksgiving holiday caused substantial damage to the facility.

Lockwood Senior Center:

Center Manager Beth Kemp reported they Thanksgiving celebration was well attended. She also reported that the Angel Tree project was a success and thanks Willie Know for her efforts. She also thanked everyone who helped with the Thanksgiving party.

Virginia City Tourism Commission:

Director Dotson presented they Commission with copies of the new VCTC Boarding Pass/Schedule of Events.

Storey County Fire Protection District:

Chief Nevin stated that the Fire Department presented Christmas gifts to the children at Hillside Elementary School today. Tomorrow the Fire Department will be presenting gifts to the children at Hugh Gallagher Elementary. Nevin also reminded folks about the sure to have your chimney cleaned and check propane tank regulators to ensure they are clear during snow storms. Chief Nevin also announced that a Christmas Tree recycling program will take effect between December 26 through January 10. Call the Fire Department for specifics.

Comptrollers Office:

Assistant Comptroller McCain reported that the audit will be back in the Comptrollers office for review by next week.

County Manager:

County Manager Austin Osborne reported a Town Hall meeting for residents to discuss various matters and the county strategic plan is set for ‪January 23 at 5:30 p.m.‬ at the Lockwood Community Center. He also reported there is progress on the Lands Bill. The BLM is now transferring certain right-of-ways over to the county. Lastly, The county Holiday Party occurred last Friday at St. Mary’s Art Center. Many residents and others across the county attended. Food and other preparations were done by County Clerk/Treasurer Vanessa Stephens, Administrative Officer Jen Chapman and Management Analyst Jen McCain. The event gave attendees a chance to tour and be part of St. Mary’s Art Center (formerly Saint Mary’s Hospital) as well as see artists’ work on display. Thank you to everyone who participated in the preparation and to those who attended.

Action Items

Approved Unanimously:

Resolution 19-563 honoring Cherie Nevin who retired from Storey County.

Approved Unanimously:

Agreement tolling possible statutes of limitation with bankruptcy trustee Angelique Clark regarding Cetus Mortgage case.

Approved Unanimously:

Second reading of Ordinance No. 19-303 to adopt amendments to the 2018 International Wildland Urban Interface Code.

Approved Unanimously:

Amendment to Inter-local Agreement with NDOT for traffic signal maintenance services on USA Parkway.

Approved Unanimously:

Resolution No. 19-562 requesting assistance of the Nevada Attorney General in the prosecution of a criminal matter.

Approved Unanimously:

Certified Local Government (CLG) agreement between Storey County and State Historic Preservation Office updating the county’s eligibility to receive federal historic preservation grants through the state.

Approved Unanimously:

Donation of five Panasonic Tough Book Computers donated by Panasonic to Storey County Fire District and Storey County Community Development for field testing.

Approved Unanimously:

Five business licenses

In closing, I’m shutting down my Commission updates for the rest of the year. If you are hungry for more news and updates, you’ll have to wait until 2020. Lastly, I wish all residents a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Years.


Jay Carmona

Your Storey County Commissioner

(775) 443-7699

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