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Commission Meeting Update: December 3, 2019


I’m Back! Sorry, I had to take a few weeks off from my updates but now I’m starting them up again. Most of the items we covered during my gap in reporting were pretty routine.

Staff Reports

County Assessor:

Seddon stated that the new tax bills will arrive in a standard envelope on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Previous tax bills would arrive in postcard form. With the implementation of new countywide software, some glitches have been found. Please review your bill and if you feel an error was made in calculations or if your personal information is incorrect, do not hesitate contacting the Assessors Office at 775-847-0961


Project Coordinator Northan stated 7 bids have been received for the Divide Project. The Sharon House steps project is out to bid, a completion date of Spring 2020 is projected. Now that the Divide project is moving along well, efforts can be put towards revisiting the Black & Howell project. The Pipers House steps are not code compliant, repair options are being put together. Plans and specifics for the VCH Community Center are about 80% complete.

Storey County Fire Protection District:

Chief Nevin reported that the ISO rating has come in and is the same as last year. There is a controlled burn at the old dump site in VC which is the cause of the smoke in town.

Storey County Sheriffs Office:

Detective Sergeant Mendoza stated Increased accidents have been reported due to the inclement weather. The SCSO is also monitoring water levels in the river in the Lockwood area.

Recorders Office:

Recorder Martinez reported that fees have increased per State requirements. The Fee Schedule can be found on their website.


Communications Director Ballard reporting that their ISO rating increased due to equipment improvements to the emergency system.

All Things Water & Sewer:

Nevin reported the VC water tank & Gold Hill sewer project are moving along.

County Manager:

CM Osborne reminded folks about upcoming events... December 5, 2019-Coffee with the County at the Roasting House at 9am. December 13, 2019-County Holiday Party at St. Mary’s Art Center at 5:30pm December 5, 2019-Community Potluck at the Bonanza Saloon at 5:00pm

Action Items

Continued to January 7, 2020 - Resolution 19-561 honoring Charles and Candace Pitts with the Sugarloaf Mountain Motel and Market as the 2019 Storey County Business of the Year.

Approved Unanimously:

First reading of Ordinance No. 19-303, amending Storey County Code chapter 15.04 Building and Construction, to adopt amendments to the 2018 International Wildland Urban Interface Code, amending chapter 15.08.060.

Approved 9 business licenses

In Closing, today kicked off the Strategic Plan which included a PowerPoint presentation by Linda Ritter followed up by a brainstorming session with involvement from the Commissioners and those in attendance. There will be input solicited from the Commissioners, Individual Departments and the residents of each community in Storey County. Notice of these community workshops will be given so keep your eyes open for upcoming dates in your area. Your participation is greatly needed in order to create a successful Strategic Plan. I want to especially thank the 3 residents in attendance for the kickoff of the strategic plan. If you have any questions about anything in my update or other Storey County business, feel free to reach out directly.


Jay Carmona

Your Storey County Commissioner

(775) 443-7699

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