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Commission Meeting Update: February 18, 2020


The month of February seemed to fly by while it felt like January had 72 days in the month. The Commission meeting scheduled for March 3, 2020 has been canceled. If a need arises, we will hold a meeting before the March 17, 2020 scheduled meeting. Tuesday’s Commission meeting was adjourned a bit before noon and there was a closed session meeting afterward.

Staff Reports

Storey County Fire Marshall:

Fire Marshall Azevedo reported on a recent meeting held in the Virginia City Highlands. The meeting covered topics on fire prevention, fuels reduction and basics of tree cutting and care. He was very pleased with the turnout and resident involvement.

Community Chest:

Director Shoen reported that in 2019, 139 library cards were issued and 332 patients were seen in the clinic. Both numbers were up from last year. He reported that the early childhood education program is going well but spaces are still available. He also mentioned the library has many audio books available and their popularity has increased in the past few years.

Community Relations:

Lara Mather reported that she recently returned from a conference regarding emergency management. She stated that she is working hard to get up to speed in her new position but is enjoying her new role. Lara stated than in addition to her new Community Relations position, she is monitoring the roof repair project at the 4th Ward School. The orange color paint currently in spots on the roof is just the primer and the new paint will be identical to the original color.

Storey County Senior Center:

Director York reminded everyone that a much needed blood drive will be on March 27, 2020 from 10am to 3pm at the Senior Center in Virginia City.

All Things Water:

Mike Nevin reported that the water tank project is moving along and should be out to bid soon. He also reported that Gold Hill sewer project is also moving along, the Commission is voting on starting the procurement of equipment needed for the project.


Louise Peña announced that there is an RSVP Open House at the Lockwood Senior Center on Thursday February 20, 2020 at 1pm. The Open House will cover what services other than transportation are available through RSVP. She also mentioned the upcoming Odd Ball Potluck held at the Senior Center with activities for children. Inquire at the Senior Center for details at (775) 342-2840. Lastly, she noted that Community Center Manager Beth was doing a great job.

County Manager:

County Manager Osborne reported that He and the budget team ( Jessie Fain, Jennifer McCain ) will begin meeting with the various departments to discuss budgets. Comstock Mining is currently doing surveying in the area but no projects are currently being worked on in relation to the surveying. He also mentioned a planned power outage on February 19, 2020 in the Gold Hill area between 8am & 4pm. Lastly, Residents will start seeing #StoreyFacts popping up with information similar to the notice of power outages. Follow the hashtag for the latest on our social media channels.


Chairman McBride reported that several weeks ago, long time Storey County resident Mimi Patrick passed away. She will be greatly missed and has made a huge positive impact on the County throughout her years.

Action Items

Approved Unanimously:

Acceptance of dedication of Non-Exclusive Easement for Use and Maintenance of Peri Ranch Road between Lockwood Community Corporation (LLC) and Storey County. This easement will enable Storey County to maintain, repair, enforce regulation, and utilize Peri Ranch Road from Canyon Way to Louise Peri Park as desired by the LCC community

Approved Unanimously:

Acceptance of dedication of Non-Exclusive Access Easement for Use and Maintenance of Garbage Truck Turnaround between Lockwood Community Corporation (LCC) and Storey County. This easement will enable Storey County to construct, maintain, repair, and allow garbage truck access, egress, and turnaround on a segment of roadway owned by the LCC community.

Approved Unanimously:

Equipment Procurement Contract between Storey County and Aeromix Systems dba Fluence USA for treatment plant equipment for the Gold Hill Wastewater Treatment Project and authorize the Board Chairman or County Manger to sign all documents associated with said contract in the amount of $206,750.00.

Approved Unanimously:

Amendment to Interlocal agreement with NDOT for signal maintenance services by which NDOT will be authorized to pay for signal maintenance services incurred by Storey County.

Approved Unanimously:

Resolution 20-565 providing for termination of the non-exclusive easement provided by the Nevada Division of State Lands (State Lands) to Storey County for maintenance of the bridge where the USA Parkway crosses the Truckee River; and providing for the execution of a quitclaim deed conveying the easement back to State Lands.

Approved Unanimously:

Authorization for County Manager to sign a contract between Storey County and Central Nevada GIS and Cartography Services, LLC to perform charting and inventory of roads in Storey County that could meet the standard of RS2477 designation, services not to exceed $45,000. This project helps the county defend certain roads from future closure by the BLM and other entities.

Confirmed appointment of Interim Comptroller chosen by the County Manager in accordance with appointment procedures in NRS 251.170.

Approved Unanimously:

Directing the Interim Comptroller to notify the Nevada Department of Taxation that the county will not be changing the property tax rate for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

Approved Unanimously:

Consent Agenda, Item IV, appointment of interium status of Scott Jolcover to the Storey County Board of Equalization, pursuant to NRS 361.340 for a one-year term. The county will post countywide and recruit a permanent member to serve a 4-year term.

Approved Unanimously:

Permit 2020-005 request by the applicant Brad and Brenda Shell to allow for a watchman’s dwelling for a proposed 150 space Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park. The watchman’s dwelling is a requirement of Chapter 8.24 (Mobile Homes and Recreational Vehicles) of the Storey County Code. The subject property located at 580 East Sydney Drive within the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, McCarran area of Storey County, Nevada and having Assessor’s Parcel Number 005-091-14

Approved Unanimously:

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Comstock Mining LLC and Storey County related to Special Use Permit Amendment 2000-222-A-4, and as amended by SUP 2000-222-A-6-2018, Condition 8.5. The MOU is referenced in Condition 8.5 to document the monetary contribution to historic preservation and/or restoration project within the historic district of Storey County.

Approved Unanimously:

Seven business licenses second readings:

* Blue Cross of Idaho Health Serv Inc. Day Wireless Systems

* Fortis Construction Group, Inc.

* RADCO Communications, LLC 

* The Virginia City Vault LLC

* Virginia City Escape Room

* Calamco

If you ever have questions regarding items in my updates or any other county business not mentioned, feel free to reach out via phone, email or in person ( if you see me out and about ).


Jay Carmona

Your Storey County Commissioner

(775) 443-7699

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