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Commission Meeting Update: November 19, 2019


I’m Back! Sorry, I had to take a few weeks off from my updates but now I’m starting them up again. Most of the items we covered during my gap in reporting were pretty routine.

Staff Reports


Project Coordinator Northan reported that the Divide Project started accepting bids for the proposed improvements.


iT Director Deane reported that Office 365 will be implemented countywide by January 2020

4th Ward School:

Installation of retaining walls is complete. Restoration of the roof has exposed more damage than expected.

VC Senior Center:

Director York stated the Transportation Program has logged 18,000 miles from January to October.

Building Department:

A new building inspector has been hired. The Sawdust Corner rebuild is being delayed by the insurance company. Tesla had fires at 2 separate ovens. Code requires installation of fire suppression systems.

Emergency Management:

EMS Director Curtis reported that the recent Statewide Emergency Exercise went well.

Planning: Flood Awareness week starts December 5, 2019.

Action Items

Approved Unanimously:

Authorization for County Manager to approve contract with Linda Ritter Consulting, not to exceed $20,000, to develop a Storey County Strategic Plan. Kick-off workshop to occur at the December 3 board meeting. Community workshops start and will continue for six to nine months.

Approved Unanimously:

Second reading of Ordinance 19-302 establishing regulations for Director of Security/Bailiff position as law enforcement position.

Approved Unanimously:

Successor franchise agreement between Storey County and Waste Management, Inc. for trash collection (See item 1 above for details).

Approved Unanimously:

2019-048 Grant of Non-Exclusive Easement for Access and Utilities in portion of the Electric Avenue right-of-way at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center.

Approved Unanimously:

To “opt out” of the Negotiation Class in the In re National Prescription Opiate Litigation case pending in the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. More discussion on state action to occur on December 3 board meeting.

Approved Unanimously:

18 business licenses

In Closing, today kicked off the Strategic Plan which included a PowerPoint presentation by Linda Ritter followed up by a brainstorming session with involvement from the Commissioners and those in attendance. There will be input solicited from the Commissioners, Individual Departments and the residents of each community in Storey County. Notice of these community workshops will be given so keep your eyes open for upcoming dates in your area. Your participation is greatly needed in order to create a successful Strategic Plan. I want to especially thank the 3 residents in attendance for the kickoff of the strategic plan. If you have any questions about anything in my update or other Storey County business, feel free to reach out directly.


Jay Carmona

Your Storey County Commissioner

(775) 443-7699

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