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Commission Meeting Update: February 4, 2020

Updated: Feb 5, 2020


Today’s Commissioner meeting lasted all of 55 minutes but was packed full of Staff Updates and some spring cleaning.

Staff Reports

Storey County Sheriffs Office:

Sheriff Antinoro reported that the School District and Sheriff’s Office are working together to secure grants related to school safety and security.

Projects Coordinator:

Project Manager Northan gave updates on the following...Union Street is open again thanks to the removal of the supports holding up the wall of the Sawdust Corner and repairs at the Delta are ongoing. The Divide project is addressing some modifications to the floor plan. The VCH Community Center plans will soon be presented to the affected parties. He reported that some siding blew off the training building with recent high winds. This exposed some dry rot which is now getting repaired. The newly acquired train depot is undergoing a structural assessment. Lastly the VCTC will be closed to the public starting February 11-13 in order to finish repairs on the flooring.

Building Department:

Fire Marshall Azevedo reported that the Fulcrum project is going well. He also stated that AEUCC will have their project signed off mid March or April.

Virginia City Tourism Commission:

Director Dotson thanked Commissioner Gilman for his service while on the Board of the VCTC. He also welcomed me ( Jay Carmona ) on to the Board to fill Commissioner Gilman’s spot. Lastly he noted the upcoming VCTC meeting, February 13 at 5pm.

Recorders Office:

Recorder Martinez reported that there are still 2 imaging/archiving projects being worked on.

Human Resources:

Jen Chapman stated that Lara Mather is our new Community Services Director.

Storey County Fire Prevention District:

Chief Nevin reminded everyone that Fire season is year long and folks should remain vigilant. He also stated the FD is looking to hire one new fireman.

Planning Department:

Senior Planner Canfield informed is about a Flood seminar at the Lockwood Senior Center at 4pm next Friday.

Comptrollers Office:

Jennifer McCain stated the final budgets will be available for review next week. This can be found on the county’s website.

County Manager:

CM Osborne stated he reviewed the status of Tesla government service agreement payments in late 2019 and found that adjustments to the invoicing and payments schedules had been made during early contract negotiations, that corrections were needed for this time period, and that the corrections were made immediately with Tesla’s full cooperation. All payments will henceforth follow standard agreement protocol.

Action Items

Approved Unanimously: Appointment of Senior Planner Kathy Canfield to serve as Storey County representative on the Carson Water Subconservancy District.

Approved 2-1: Resolution 20-564 authorizing refund of excess funds paid for community development permits in the amount of $71,266.97.

Approved Unanimously: 18-month contract between Storey County and Lakota HRM, LLC to provide a labor relations guidance and administration, interpret and guide application of labor agreements and personnel policies; perform and oversee administrative investigations; and ensure due process and discipline are administered in compliance with union agreements and personnel policies.

Approved Unanimously: Appointment of Brian Staples as Planning Commissioner At-Large on the Storey County Planning Commission.

Approved Unanimously: On-call as-needed contract not to exceed $100,000 with Lumos & Associates for as-needed assistance in professional planning and engineering services related to any planned unit development and/or large land subdivision applications or proposals in Storey County. This is a proactive contract and there are no related applications submitted or anticipated at this time.

Approved Unanimously: Revision of the Fire Chief job description.

Approved Unanimously: Revision of the County Manager job description.

Approved Unanimously: Eight business license second readings:

* De’Ja’Vu’ Construction

* DMG North, Inc.

* Fike Corporation

* Hanwha Corporation

* Little Mountain Development LLC

* Robinson Metal, Inc.

* Titan Powerline

* VC Highland Corgi

If you have any questions about anything in my update or other Storey County business, feel free to reach out directly.


Jay Carmona

Your Storey County Commissioner

(775) 443-7699

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