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VCTC Meeting Update: February 13, 2020


Tourism currently is and always has been an integral part of life in Storey County. Today I took a step towards more direct involvement in our tourism industry. I was nominated to be the Vice Chairman of the VCTC Executive Board, I was honored and gladly excepted the position. I'm excited to work with my fellow VCTC board members, the hard working staff of the VCTC, the Merchants & Residents of Storey County to keep Virginia City's tourism industry thriving. I will start publishing VCTC meeting updates on a regular basis, stay tuned!

Meeting Summary

Tonights meeting can be summed up through the Power Point presentation... ( View Presentation )

Some highlights of the meeting were...

The increased efforts being put towards advertising and increasing our visibility. This includes more Airport advertising & expanding Into movie theater advertising to reach our local markets. it was also mentioned that the VCTC is open to sharing advertising space with local merchants. To get more information on shared advertising, contact the VCTC @ 775-847-7500

Our next VCTC meeting is:

March 12, 2020


Virginia City Conference Center ( old B of A building )

For Agendas, Minutes and supporting documents from previous meetings, check out ...

If you have questions about anything in my update or other VCTC related items, feel free to reach out directly.


Jay Carmona

VCTC Vice Chairman & Your Storey County Commissioner

(775) 443-7699

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